Mobile 5 Harmful Effects When The President Keeps Telling Lies

Whether one is a supporter, or opposes, President Donald J. Trump, there is little doubt, we have never witnessed, any previous President, and/ or administration, quite like him! While some will say, all politicians tell lies, or articulate many misstatements, the level of vitriol, lying, and adversarial leadership, of this man, is indeed unique! In the nearly 50 years, since I was first eligible to vote, I have often observed leaders, who I disagreed with, and/ or opposed, but, never before, did their personality and rhetoric, dominate over substance and policy. It is rather challenging to clearly identify Mr. Trump’s core ideology, and/ or policy focus, but, is somewhat obvious, it may be, he considers matters, by focusing on the mindset, It’s all about me! Whether it’s how he behaves and/ or responds to anyone who disagrees with him, or how he articulates a message, loaded with rhetoric and vitriol, one may disagree with him, but must accept the fact, he knows how to dominate media coverage/ focus. Unfortunately, Trump also accents his statements with misstatements and lies, and continues perpetuating these (even, doubles – down on them), even when they’ve been proved incorrect! This article will briefly discuss and examine, 5 harmful effects, when the President keeps lying.

1. Boy who cried wolf – syndrome: Nearly everyone knows the story about the boy who cried wolf. The tendency to tell lies, and/ or exaggerate, so dominated his persona, when he told, the truth, no one listened and/ or paid attention. When the leader of the free world, is considered a congenital liar, every statement might be challenged. While this man has his core supporters, who appear to believe everything he says and does, and buys – into his rhetoric and promises, the other 65 to 70% of the population, appears to be unwilling, to even consider him, to be the genuine leader! America needs representatives who focus on the needs of citizens, whether the issue is related to health care, taxes, humanitarian needs, race – relations, immigration, etc, and, when the majority begin to disbelieve anything being said, it creates a dangerous, challenging environment!2. Turn people off: While the level of his rhetoric, promises and vitriol, seems to inspire and motivate his core supporters, it seems to turn many others off! In these challenging times, we need leaders, we believe in, even when we might disagree politically, rather than someone who calls anything he disagrees with, or disagrees with him, Fake Facts!3. Polarizing effect: When the President appears to make statements, which oppose basic freedom of speech and/ or expression, he mobilizes his political base, but also negatively arouses opponents. We need a leader who tries to unify, rather than polarize!

4. Ill – prepared, lacking focus: I’ve never witnessed any President, who appears as misinformed, or ill – prepared, as our present one! Striking out at others, making provocative statements, and communicating heavily through Twitter, makes many believe, he lacks the level of necessary focus, to make a quality difference, for the better!5. Partisan, when we need bipartisan: While politics often involves partisan disagreements, etc, we often might become better served, when there is far more focus and/ or emphasis, on seeking a bipartisan solution!There is the usual level of political lies, and, then, there is what we are presently witnessing and experiencing! Hopefully, Trump, will eventually, prioritize serving all our citizens, rather than only a few!